JPPH publishes annual property market reports which can be used to ascertain how much different types of properties are sold in the market.

Yes, JPPH sells details of property transactions. But this service is only available to valuers, appraisers and estate agents who are registered with the Board of Valuers, Appraisers and Estate Agents.

Yes, they do. For example, if the initial approved layout is for terraced housing, but the subsequent approval is for shop-houses, the developer concerned is required to inform NAPIC so that we can update the database accordingly.

The definition of commencement of works under Form L refers to commencement of building works but not site preparation works.

You are expected to submit the forms according to the date stated in the respective forms as follows:

Form A/G 14 days from the date application for development
Form B/H On or before 14th January, 14th April, 14th July and 14th October
Form C 14 days after the date of Sale and Purchase Agreement
Form D,J,K,L,M,N,O,P,Q and R On or before 14th January, 14th April, 14th July and 14th October

You can submit the forms to the respective NAPIC branches in the State or District Valuation and Property Services Department

You may submit by hand, post, fax, or through electronic device such as email or diskette.

You may obtain the forms from NAPIC Headquarters or NAPIC branches at the State or District Valuation and Property Services Department. You can also download the respective forms from the Valuation and Property Services Department website (

You may obtain this information through;

1 Property Market Report (Half Year/ Annual) and Malaysian House Price Index. These reports are available at JPPH headquarters, all states and districts Valuation and Property Services Department.
2 Free downloading JPPH web site ( Comprising;
  1. Property Market Status Report
  2. Property Stock Report
  3. Property Market Report
  4. Malaysian House Price Index
    • i. Property Stock Report (Overview)
    • ii. Residential Property Stock Table
    • iii. Commercial Property Stock Table
    • iv. Industrial Property Stock Table
    • v. Leisure Property Stock Table
  5. Million Ringgit Property Deals
  6. Estate Land Sales
  7. Pre Planned Supply

Only one report offered to sale:

1 Property Market Report (RM 100)

Currently, we have not incorporated GIS information in the sales information. However, we are working towards providing this information.

Yes, there is no specific forms for the auctioneers currently. We will look into this matter.

NAPIC would provide developers with accurate and timely information pertaining to demand and supply of property in particular to enable developers to make better informed investment decision.

NAPIC will not be able to solve the problem of property overhang. However, we hope by providing information on property supply and demand, developers would be able to make better informed decision, hence minimizing the problem of property overhang gradually.

Any person who refuses to submit the required information within the prescribed period or willfully supplies any false information commits an offence under subsection 6(3) of The Valuers, Appraiser and Estate Agents Act 1981 and liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding three months or to both.

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